Reply To: Alternativ til spelebord

Jarle Haktorson

Då har eg fått svar ifrå folka. Dei kan levere til oss i neste månad (april).
Eg bad om pris på den største topperen dei hadde, samt fire ulike tematiske matter.

Her er svar:

Hello Jarle,

The shipping cost to Norway for the Mycroft topper is $360 and the 2 Mats that cannot go in the package will be $25. Unfortunately it is a bit expensive to ship into Norway, even from our EU Fulfilment center in Germany.

The Topper is $799 and you can get one mat of your choice for $39. The other 3 mats are $109 each. So that is $1165 total. The VAT is 25% so that is $291.25. So the total, plus VAT and Shipping would be $1841.25

Please let me know if you have any additional questions I can help with. Thanks!