Reply To: A War of Whispers

Jarle Haktorson

Her er to variantar eg fann som fleire ser ut til å like:

#1) At end scoring, add an additional point for each unrevealed loyalty token. This encourages limiting swapping of loyalties as much as possible.

I particularly enjoy playing this way, because I think the most fun to be had is trying to make your initial bets work – as opposed to switching in to new ones.

#2) Pre-select “Devout” loyalties at the beginning of the game in a way that ensures each player starts with a different but still hidden Devout loyalty.

You could do this by taking a single set of loyalty tokens (e.g. all five of the Rat loyalty tokens) and handing one out to each player randomly. Each player could look at what they got, then return it without revealing what they got to the other players. After that, they could seek out their own copy of that loyalty token and place it face down on their “Devout” slot. Then randomize the other four.

This ensures nobody will start with an identical set of loyalties, but still allows for plenty of randomization and hidden/unknown information.