Kvinnherad Blood Bowl #1

Welcome to Kvinnherad Blitzmania – the all new Blood Bowl league where several teams from all over the Old World will be kicking the stuff out of each other – and sometimes even kicking the ball too. Let’s hear what the two top BB commentators Jim and Bob have to say.

Bob: Greetings Kvinnherad Geeks! Welcome to the runner up for the all new Kvinnherad Blitzmania!

Jim: That’s right Bob! A few teams have been preparing for the upcoming league. I hear some of them are still arguing about their team kits’ colours.

Bob: Let’s hope they can save their blocking skills and teeth for the matches on the pitch instead of the dugouts.

Jim: That’s a good point Bob! Rumours say many of the teams don’t even have a coach yet.

Bob: That bad eh? So what teams are we going to see in the upcoming seasons Jim?

Jim: Well, we have the Reikland Reavers for the humans.

Bob: Yeah! The humans are a must. I once were out drinking with them, and violence is definitely a big part in their team spirit.

Jim: About violence Bob; the orks have turned up for this league too. The Gouged Eye would never miss the opportunity to step on someone’s face.

Bob: Can’t wait Jim!

Jim: Then you have another greenskin team – The Scarcrag Snivellers.

Bob: That’s a bunch of goblin mischiefs!

Jim: About mischiefs – I hear the halflings are on their way to compete.

Bob: Hahahaaaahahahaaahahahaaaahaha! Seriously!?

Jim: Yes Bob! Greenfield Grasshuggers! They’re probably just in it for the half time snacks.

Bob: I seriously can’t wait to see them up against The Gouged Eye.

Jim: But there’s more! The Skavenblight Scramblers are coming too. I suppose we’ll see a lot of nasty tricks coming from that bunch of sewer scum.

Bob: Oh dear! Glad I am not one of the coaches this year!

Jim: Finally the Dwarfs have sent word of their team’s arrival. The Karak Az Forgers!

Bob: Well Jim! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, always go for the kneecaps! Whoever will reach the top, will get fame and fortune for years to come.

Jim: That’s right Bob! And to you Geeks in Kvinnherad – make sure you turn up for the upcoming matches and stay tuned for more news as we are getting closer to kick off!

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