Reply To: Pericles – the Peloponnesian wars

Sten Ole

Brev frå den almektige Mark:

First off thanks for the support and I hope you are enjoying the Periclean journey.

I am not sure which scenario you are playing but this is just a case of shooting yourself in the foot it appears. I will note that there are only 4 Spartan bases and in all scenarios two of them start the game in Sparta (two available) and scenarios starting in turn 8 and beyond start with three of the four in play. Most scenarios start with 4 Peloponnesian league bases in play and all 2nd Peloponnesian scenarios start with at least 6, so unless the Athenians are winning multiple land battles the math makes this a very hard situation to achieve.

Sadly if you do achieve it then you are right, there are no legal places to place your Peloponnesian units, which until I have seen this thread I have never seen in actual play, so it once again proves that anything is possible.

Be safe, Mark