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Uepisk søndag

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Date(s) - 06/01/2019
18:00 - 23:00

Ledige plasser: 6
Tekne plasser: 4


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  1. Eg likar også Neanderthal passe dårleg 😉
    Men eg møtte Phil Eklund i Essen for nokre år sidan og han forklarte og overtalte meg til å kjøpe Pax Porfiriana, så eg har vel eit nostalgisk forhold til det 😉

  2. Googla for så vidt High Frontier. Det spelebrettet så maks forvirrandre ut.

    Har også tydeligvis 8.5 average rating på BGG som er sjukt høgt, bare lavt ranka pga få ratings, så virker som om dei som liker det virkelig liker det.

  3. Designeren, Phil Eklund, har laga andre spel, m.a. High Frontier. Det er visst hyper-komplisert. Då var det nokre folk som klaga. Og då var det ein på BGG som gjekk inn i frenzy; artig lesing:

    High Frontier hits all of your criteria but size and game length.

    Deep, unique games like this are… rare.

    I mean, they really are. Partly this is because if they were commonplace, you wouldn’t be asking the question.

    Partly because there is simply not a market for them.

    The groupthink on BGG here is one that favors elegance over depth, and prefers balance over nearly any other criteria (because fanboys want fairness, apparently instead of competition). It is a groupthink that wants interesting mechanics rather than interesting conflict, and god fucking forbid a game last longer than an hour, since the shirt tuckers apparently don’t want their gamer hemorrhoids acting up.


    Sorry. That’s unfair.

    This is something I am really passionate about. As you can tell. My fury over this is smeared all over the forums and I think it’s made me somewhat unpopular.

    But I crave depth and complexity in my game experiences like a junkie craves his smack. It is the quest for the golden fix, the perfect intellectual high that I go wandering the back alleys of game reviews and session reports looking for.

    I seriously do not care how well a game is designed – I really don’t. So many reviews oooh and ahhh over this design feature, or that mechanic, and the effeminate squee over elegance, time and time and time again fills me with a nauseous rage.

    No, I want… meat. I want cruetly. I want I game that will chew me up and spit me out. I want a game that is unforgiving and frustrating and punishing, that sticks a gag-ball in my mouth and beats me in the intellectual genitals with a riding crop until I black out. But above all else, I want interesting. I don’t care about elegance, as long as it’s interesting. I don’t care about graphic design, as long as it’s interesting. I don’t care about clever mechanics, as long as it’s interesting. I don’t care about it as long as it offers me chances to think and act and play, to do some thinking in ways that I don’t get to do anywhere else.

    How many fucking worker placement games are there? How many games are about building a resource engine? How many games are about exchanging goods for other goods, or about being efficient or about the interactions of simplistic mathematical systems?

    But Pax… Pax falls into that special category for me. It’s a ten hour simulation game that has been compressed into a tiny box until all that remains is its hot glowing core. It evokes narrative with every game, even every action. It is complex and unwieldy and impatient and glorious.

    You want more Pax? Yes. Me too. Seriously. It’s the holy goddamned grail, as far as I am concerned – a deep, creative, narratively rich game that is short enough and easy enough to pick up I can actually convince all the blasphemers and infidels to play. Cause they won’t play High Frontier. And god forbid I suggest something truly meaty and long like Andean Abyss.

    So, no. No games come close. If they did, this would be just another commonplace experience, just another tableau game with a resource engine and an economy. Whoo hoo! Tuck your shirt into your pants, fellas, we are going to build a tableau!

    No. NO NO NO NO NO.



  4. Avskyeleg med 5+.
    Neida, eg har berre spelt det to gonger, begge gonger med fire, og det har fungert veldig bra. Eg ser at BGG seier det er eit 4-player spel, noko som også kjem til uttrykk i comments.

  5. Eg er ikkje imot pax men ser ikkje behovet for å gjere eventet til berre 4 spelarar. Pax tåler fleire og om me blir mange fleire deler me oss på to spel. Eller er pax heilt avskyeleg med 5+?

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